What is Smart Rota?
Smart Rota (SMRT) is a live cloud-based scheduling solution, that delivers real-time control over the entire employee population 24/7, wherever you are. It provides valuable insight to make cost-effective decisions based on attendance and workforce management.
SMRT grid
The fundamental aspects of Smart Rota are security, accuracy, structure and flexibility. The grid is a simple yet strong visual basis that communicates these themes and forms a reference point for the identity to build upon.
SMRT logotype
Using the functionality of the grid as a basis, the logotype conveys the customisable, live, and advanced planning elements of Smart Rota. The robust boxes surrounding the text emphasise the intrinsic elements of security and trustworthiness, which coupled with the separating highlights creates a solid and individual aesthetic. The logotype solution offers primary and alternative logo variations, allowing adaptability in application and an abbreviated ‘SMRT’ version for use on app icons and avatars.
SMRT typography
FF OCR-F is the primary typeface for Smart Rota. Selected for its modern and technical appearance, the typeface has a proportionally spaced look that works perfectly to enhance the structured and secure characteristics that form the brand’s visual identity.
SMRT colours
The primary brand colour of SMRT Purple is a bold distinct hue that differentiates the company in a market commonly occupied by orange and blue. SMRT Purple is vigorous enough to work well with lighter colours and also retain legibility at small sizes, on multiple devices. A secondary palette offers a range of complimentary colours for application on select visuals that require colour distinction, for example charts, graphs and timelines within the app.
SMRT illustrative icons
Working to the same structured grid, a number of bespoke icons were produced to communicate the simplicity and security of the Smart Rota scheduling solution in a way that’s both eye-catching and universally understood.
SMRT photography
As a tool to be used by every employee within a company, Smart Rota is all about people. The natural photography focuses on people in situations that highlight the benefit of using Smart Rota; saving time to dedicate elsewhere in a work or leisure environment. A stylised treatment that utilises the SMRT highlight pattern was introduced in some instances, to emphasise the brand values across a range of applications.
SMRT application
A combination of SMRT assets are used across a range of brand and marketing applications; stationery, social media and external documents. A PowerPoint template was produced as a further marketing tool, the presentation deck is fully customisable to suit the audience or sales pitch. Each application urges simplicity and clear communication to be the primary goal.
Ian Caulkett is a Brighton based graphic designer and partner of Two of Us – a brand focused graphic design practice, making purposeful and effective design available to everyone. www.twoofus.co

Two of Us is a graphic design partnership formed by Ash O’Brien and Ian Caulkett, working from Birmingham and Brighton. We specialise in branding and identity, and work with businesses to help establish and communicate their individuality through meaningful design. We see honesty as an integral part of what we do (hence the name).

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